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Brouwerij The Musketeers, Belgium

New brewery

A new bre­w­hou­se was built in the bre­we­ry. Our custo­mer Rolec sup­plied plant sec­tions such as the malt sto­rage silo with crus­hing system and 3‑kettle 60 hl bre­w­hou­se. We sup­plied the com­ple­te con­trol system for this pro­ject.


ROLEC Pro­zess- und Brau­tech­nik GmbH

Plant type


Project execution


Project scope

  • 280 data points
  • 1 MCC, total 2 panels
  • 2 local cabi­nets

Our services

  • Con­cept design and con­sul­ting
  • Elec­tri­cal engi­nee­ring
  • Soft­ware engi­nee­ring
  • Instal­la­ti­on plan­ning
  • Switch­ge­ar and con­trol system
  • Sup­ply of instal­la­ti­on mate­ri­al
  • Instal­la­ti­on super­vi­si­on
  • Start-up

Technology applied

  • Pro­LeiT Brew­ma­xx V9.5 com­pact
  • Sima­tic S7-300
  • EPlan P8


Karl Zol­ler, Seni­or Pro­cess Auto­ma­ti­on Con­sul­tant, Schmid Auto­ma­ti­on AG

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