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Karl Bindewald Kupfermühle GmbH, Bischheim, Germany

Malthouse capacity increase

For incre­a­sing the capa­ci­ty from 40,000 t/year to as much as 105,000 t/year at the company’s site in Bisch­heim, the pro­duc­tion pro­cess was fit­ted with a new auto­ma­ti­on system. Our order cove­r­ed the green-malt ele­va­tor leg, four ger­mi­na­ti­on boxes of 320 ton­nes each and three com­bi­ned malt dry­ing kilns of 160 ton­nes each.


Cerea­li­en Bisch­heim GmbH

Plant type


Project execution

2017 to 2019

Project scope

  • 1500 data points
  • 24 MCC panels
  • 8 ope­ra­tor terminals

Our services

  • Con­cept design and consulting
  • Elec­tri­cal engineering
  • Soft­ware engineering
  • Switch­ge­ar and con­trol system
  • Instal­la­ti­on supervision
  • Elec­tri­cal installation
  • Start-up

Technology applied

  • auto­ma­ti­onX
  • Red­un­dant ser­ver pair
  • EPlan P8


Karl Zol­ler, Seni­or Pro­cess Auto­ma­ti­on Con­sul­tant, Schmid Auto­ma­ti­on AG

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