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Kunz Kunath AG, Weinfelden, Switzerland

Modernisation silo 72

The exi­sting con­trol system and mecha­nics from 1970 was con­ver­ted during run­ning ope­ra­ti­on. For such a refur­bish­ment ope­ra­ti­on at the “open heart”, an over­all pro­ject manage­ment was para­mount. As part of the pro­ject manage­ment, we coor­di­na­ted the pro­ject par­ti­ci­pan­ts such as pro­duc­tion, pro­cess auto­ma­ti­on, elec­tri­cal instal­la­ti­on and plant engi­nee­ring. Sta­ging work­shops were orga­nis­ed and car­ri­ed out, sche­du­les were drawn up and con­ti­nuous­ly updated, and mee­ting minu­tes were taken. In addi­ti­on, we were respon­si­ble for the rea­li­sa­ti­on of the pro­cess auto­ma­ti­on and elec­tri­cal instal­la­ti­on scope. We invi­ted ten­ders for the elec­tri­cal instal­la­ti­on on behalf of the cli­ent and sub­mit­ted a ten­der pro­po­sal to the cli­ent, who award­ed the work to a local con­trac­tor. We super­vi­sed the instal­la­ti­on as the client’s representative.


Kunz Kun­ath AG

Plant type

Feed mill

Project execution

2020 to 2021

Project scope

  • 680 data points
  • 2 MCC, total 6 fields
  • 5 local cabinets
  • 1 Ope­ra­ting station
  • 1 Ser­ver as emer­gen­cy ser­vice station

Our services

  • Con­cept design and consulting
  • Over­all pro­ject management
  • Stock-taking on site
  • Elec­tri­cal engineering
  • Instal­la­ti­on plan­ning incl. tendering
  • Crea­ti­on of soft­ware per­for­mance description
  • Pro­gramming of software
  • Pro­ject engi­nee­ring of visua­li­sa­ti­on system
  • Switch­gear construction
  • Site super­vi­si­on electrician
  • On-site con­ver­si­ons
  • Signal test and start-up
  • Ope­ra­tor training

Technology applied

  • auto­ma­ti­onX
  • EPlan P8


Mar­cel Fust, Seni­or Pro­cess Auto­ma­ti­on Con­sul­tant, Schmid Auto­ma­ti­on AG

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