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LANDI Seeland AG, Aarberg, Switzerland

Updating of bulk storage silo

The bulk sto­rage silo in Aar­berg built in 1982 is owned by the agri­cul­tu­ral co-ope­ra­ti­ve LANDI See­land AG. Its capa­ci­ty was incre­a­sed from 5,500 to 12,500 metric ton­nes by the addi­ti­on of a new buil­ding. The buil­ding-rela­ted adjust­ments com­pri­se an incre­a­se from 20 sto­rage bins to a total of 89, an exten­si­on to 2 pro­duc­tion lines and the com­ple­te upda­ting and exten­si­on of the pro­cess con­trol system. A second inta­ke pit would allow the fle­xi­bi­li­ty of the plant to be incre­a­sed to hand­le peak loads.


LANDI See­land AG, Aar­berg, Switz­er­land

Plant type

Bulk sto­rage silo

Project execution


Project scope

  • 950 data points
  • Ser­ver cabinet
  • 2 local cabinets

Our services

  • Con­cept design and consulting
  • Stock-taking on site
  • Elec­tri­cal engineering
  • Crea­ti­on of soft­ware per­for­mance description
  • Pro­gram­ming of software
  • Inter­face with weig­hing scale
  • Pro­ject engi­nee­ring of visua­li­sa­ti­on system
  • Switch­ge­ar and con­trol system
  • Addi­ti­ons to exi­sting con­trol cabinets
  • Signal test and start-up
  • Ope­ra­tor training

Technology applied

  • auto­ma­ti­onX
  • EPlan P8


Mar­cel Fust, Seni­or Pro­cess Auto­ma­ti­on Con­sul­tant, Schmid Auto­ma­ti­on AG

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