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Process automation

As an independent system integrator, we will develop the solution optimally matched to your specific needs. We will develop software concepts for you and implement them in the system of your choice.

Concept design

  • Advice on and plan­ning of new plants, updates and expansions
  • Imple­men­ta­ti­on con­cepts for ver­ti­cal inte­gra­ti­on across all levels of the auto­ma­ti­on pyramid
  • Auto­ma­ti­on con­cepts with design of bus and net­work structures
  • Crea­ti­on of ope­ra­ting con­cepts for fixed and mobi­le ter­mi­nal units

Project management

  • Pro­gramming of PLCs
  • Visua­lizati­on and pro­cess con­trol systems
  • Inter­faces with third-par­ty con­trol systems
  • Inte­gra­ti­on of MES systems
  • Inter­faces with MES and ERP systems
  • Data­ba­se applications
  • Tracea­bi­li­ty, data ana­ly­sis and reporting
  • In-hou­se tests, fac­to­ry accep­tance tests (FAT)

Customer service

  • Coa­ching after start-up
  • Sup­port, inclu­ding via remo­te access
  • Spa­re parts, access­ories and repairs
  • Trai­ning

Standard systems

In our work, we app­ly stan­dard indu­stry-wide systems, inclu­ding Sie­mens, auto­ma­ti­onX, Pro­LeiT, Rock­well Auto­ma­ti­on, AVEVA (Won­der­wa­re solu­ti­ons) and Actyx.

Current References

Soft­ware engineering

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