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ZHAW, Wädenswil, Switzerland


The Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sci­en­ces of Zurich (ZHAW) is cons­truc­ting a new buil­ding for the Insti­tu­te for Food and Bevera­ge Inno­va­ti­on. A new bio­trans­for­mer was sup­plied by Cro­ma­tech for this pur­po­se. The bio­trans­for­mer is used to con­trol fer­men­ta­ti­ons (fer­men­ta­ti­on of wine, beer, cider, etc.) by con­nec­ting the exi­sting dou­ble jacket tanks to two dif­fe­rent cir­cuits — a coo­ling water cir­cuit and a hot water cir­cuit. The­se two cir­cuits (2 tanks) are con­stant­ly main­tai­ned at their respec­ti­ve tem­pe­ra­tures and read­ju­sted. In addi­ti­on, ano­ther tank is con­trol­led for CIP clea­ning. For which the neces­sa­ry regu­la­ti­on and con­trol system was created.


Cro­ma­tech AG

Plant type


Project execution

2021 to 2023

Project scope

  • 85 data points
  • 1 MCC Cabinet
  • 1 Con­trol cabi­net HD design
  • Remo­te main­ten­an­ce via VPN gateway
  • Data exch­an­ge buil­ding services
  • Data exch­an­ge fer­men­ta­ti­on tank control

Our services

  • Con­cept design and consulting
  • Elec­tri­cal engineering
  • Elec­tri­cal instal­la­ti­on planning
  • Elec­tri­cal installation
  • Switch­gear cons­truc­tion 
  • Crea­ti­on of soft­ware FDS
  • Pro­gramming of software
  • Pro­ject engi­nee­ring of visua­li­sa­ti­on system
  • Signal test and start-up
  • Ope­ra­tor training

Technology applied

  • Sie­mens TIA Por­tal V17
  • S7-1500
  • SIMATIC HMI TP900 Com­fort Panel 9”
  • EPLAN Elec­tric P8


Mar­cel Fust, Head of Con­cept Design and Con­sul­ting, Schmid Auto­ma­ti­on AG

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